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Four-star, four-hands dinner by Mauro Colagreco and Marcel Ravin

An exceptional dining experience at the Blue Bay
Friday, 5 November 2021 (CONCLUDED)

Sustainability and a bold, unique culinary style inspired by their cultural heritage and adopted homeland are at the heart of the fine dining experiences created by Michelin-starred chefs Mauro Colagreco & Marcel Ravin – and now the pair are joining forces for one exceptional evening to bring you the last four-hands dinner in the Monte-Carlo Festival of Stars


Both arrived to the Riviera in the same year, with their lives having taken very similar paths. These likenesses – along with their far-flung roots – led to an almost intuitive friendship, which began in 2005 at the dawn of the opening of the Mirazur in Menton and the Blue Bay in Monaco.


The two chefs will be coming together to wow diners with their culinary creativity at the Mirazur on Wednesday 3 November and the Blue Bay on Friday 5 November, serving up sumptuous suppers where the sky is the limit.


Nature is full of exotic ingredients that promise endless possibilities. I like to think my food is fusion, yes, but more importantly that it’s all-embracing.” - M. Ravin


Borders offer us the chance to meet new people, and discover new things. When you venture beyond them, you find that limits no longer exist: it is there that true freedom awaits.” - M. Colagreco

  • Location: the Mirazur (Menton) & the Blue Bay at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort (Monaco)
  • Date: Wednesday 3 and Friday 5 November 2021
  • Time: 19:00 onwards
  • Price: €480/person - includes wine pairings
  • Limited places available

About Mauro Colagreco

Colagreco’s journey from his native Argentina to the French Riviera has been intense. Peppered with travel, discovery, ambition and hard work, it has seen him rise all the way to the top of his game. His boldness and vision are reflected in his instinctive, hearty food, which transcends the seasons and local area whilst remaining intrinsically Mediterranean. A champion of short supply chains and with strong ties to the natural world around him, chef Colagreco is committed to protecting the planet. He is an extraordinary, eco-conscious chef who has broken the mould, and works tirelessly to play his part in addressing climate change: a chef without borders who is constantly evolving, with a style that is pure simplicity and excellence. He and his family have lived in Menton since 2006, and it is here that he built the Mirazur. It is so much more than a restaurant: it is a Mediterranean estate, social hub, and a way of thinking and living where nature takes centre stage. In 2019, the chef’s incredible prowess was confirmed when the Mirazur won the ultimate prizes of 3 Michelin stars and first place on the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants – and in 2020, it was also the first restaurant ever to be certified as “Plastic Free”. Colagreco remains in motion even today, and is as passionate as ever about continuing to learn, move forward, and pursue his dreams of bringing our environmental issues into focus with his creations.


About Marcel Ravin

Marcel Ravin's journey has taken him from one Rock to another, having departed his native Martinique as a teenager, and arrived at the “rock” of Monaco in 2005. It was a 7,000-km “hop” that, ten years after his arrival, earned him a star in the Michelin Guide with the Blue Bay gourmet restaurant at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & ResortOften hailed for his creativity, his dishes showcase his personal style and culinary signature, shaped by a culture and identity where many continents intermingle. The result is daring cuisine that is constantly reinvented, mixing Mediterranean and Caribbean ingredients in tribute to both his homeland and adopted country.



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