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When playing becomes an art

Our establishments take great pride and pleasure in welcoming all visitors, from novices to the most seasoned gamblers, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. There’s the iconic Monte-Carlo Casino of course, as well as the Monte-Carlo Bay Casino tucked away in the heart of the 5-star Resort, the elegant Casino Café de Paris and the Sun Casino where American games are given pride of place. Whatever your whims or preferences, each of our establishments offers slot machines that blend beautifully with the setting. Enjoyable locations that inspire guests to relax and have fun, indulging in all the games you can handle as well as bars, restaurants and terraces

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Casino de Monte-Carlo

Black Jack

Beat the bank!

Black Jack or "21" is considered as one of the world's most popular gambling games played with cards. 

The aim of Black Jack, which is played against the bank, is to acquire a total value as near as possible to 21, without exceeding it. 


  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • Casino Café de Paris
Sun Casino


Can you roll it?

CRAPS is a fast-paced and exciting game, though many rules and several variations exist in this game.

You roll the two dice and the numbers shown on the dice will determine your luck. On some bets you win with 7, on some you lose.

To find

  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
Casino Café de Paris - Table de Jeux

English Roulette

Do you feel lucky?


The roulette table has 37 numbers: from 0 to 36. You must guess the winning number. That is to say the box where the white ball will fall after spinning the wheel. You can play by putting a chip on the number that you think will be

  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • Casino Café de Paris
Casino de Monte-Carlo - Salon Européen

French Roulette

Experience the passion of the legendary game


French roulette has unrivalled precision and dramatic flair. The game requires three croupiers and a table manager who plays the role of Master of Ceremonies.

Some players swear only by this game. The chips,

  • Casino de Monte-Carlo

Live Roulette

Double the adrenaline rush! 


At the Casino Café de Paris, you can place your bets yourself on the electronic roulette, or play ‘live’ roulette on the classic British roulette table with the croupier, or do both at the same time!


Electronic roulette has

  • Casino Café de Paris
Casino salle de jeu

Slot Machines

Bet on the atmosphere !


You win on a slot machine when you have the same symbols on one of the win lines.


Some slot machines also have ‘Wild’ symbols, so even more combinations!


Each slot machine will accept

  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • Casino Café de Paris