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Hummus recipe from ÔMER restaurant

It's your turn now to cook the multi-flavoured Hummus recipe made by Patrick Laine, Chef of ÔMER restaurant, the second Alain Ducasse restaurant at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo.

For 10 people:

Ingredients :

  • 400g dry chickpeas 
  • 1L water 
  • 1 carrot 
  • 1 onion  
  • 2 cloves  
  • Coarse salt 
  • Lemon juice  
  • 100g  Tahina sauce 
  • Cumin powder  
  • 1 /4 grenade  
  • White sesame seeds  
  • Sumac powder  
  • Olive oil   


  • Leave the chickpeas to soak in water the day before.
  • Insert the cloves in the onion.  
  • Cook chickpeas in 1L of water, add the carrot and the onion.  
  • Cook for 1hour, skimming regularly and add salt after 45 minutes. 
  • Drain chickpeas and mix directly when it is still hot during 5 min adding cooking juice (more or less, it depends on your wished consistence) and add Tahina sauce.  
  • Add salt, pepper, lemon juice.  
  • Put on the refrigerator for 15 minutes.  
  • Pour in a bowl, finish and adjust seasoning to your taste: with cumin powder, sumac powder, grenade, white sesame powder and olive oil.  
Restaurant Ômer, Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo
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