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Thorny artichoke salad recipe by Benoît Witz

Discover Chef Benoît Witz’s thorny artichoke salad, a recipe that will make every lunch or dinner right! 

Thorny artichoke salad by Benoît Witz


  • Vinaigrette 
  • Artichoke purée 
  • Décor 
  • Green condiment 
  • 8 thorny artichokes 
  • 0.25 kg lemon leaf 
  • 0.15 L olive oil  
  • 0.1 kg spinach leaves 
  • SQ Salt and pepper 
  • 5 cl vegetable stock 
  • 5 cl orange  
  • SQ olive oil 
  • SQ butter 
  •  8 artichoke stems 
  • 0.2 L vegetable stock 
  • SQ olive oil 
  • SQ Salt and pepper   
  • 0.06 kg Parmesan 
  • 2 artichokes for fritters 
  • 0.1 kg salad burnet and dandelion leaves 
  • 0.125 kg sweet onion 
  • 0.1 kg dandelion 
  • 0.1 kg salad burnet 
  • 0.25 kg spinach 
  • 20 g garlic 
  • SQ thyme, laurel 
  • SQ calamansi vinegar 
  • SQ nut grass 
  • 0.125 L vegetable stock 
  • 0.05 kg artichoke purée 
  • SQ Salt and pepper 


  1. Peel the artichoke stems, cook them in a frying pan and then mix. Sieve one part and cut the others into tagliatelle and vacuum cook. 
  2. Make the vinaigrette: reduce the orange juice and grilled dandelion-flavoured stock, then whisk in the butter and olive oil, adjust the seasoning.  
  3. Make the condiment: sweat the onion and garlic, nut grass, thyme and laurel. Deglaze with vinegar and then moisten with stock. Cook for 10/15 minutes. Add the blanched herbs, olive oil and artichoke purée, mix until you get a thick texture and adjust the seasoning.   
  4. Peel the artichokes and remove the centre. Put to one side in water with ascorbic acid. 
  5. Cut very leafy artichokes in half and sauté to get crispy leaves.  
  6. Cut the others with a knife and put to one side in lemon-flavoured water. 
  7. Make Parmesan shavings and small sprigs of salad burnet, spinach leaves and dandelion leaves. 
  8. Make Parmesan wafers. 
  9. Arrange the salad in a bowl covered with a crispy wafer and the tagliatelle on a small plate. 
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