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“Fifty Shades of Blue”: our top 5 Instagramable photos

Published on November 26, 2018Updated on April 25, 2023

We have Mother Nature to thank for our beautiful French Riviera, where a case of the blues is never allowed - even when summer is over! Check out our top spots for taking the best “Instagramable” pics, and beat the Monday Blues with our 50 shades of blue! 

#1 Royal blue: le Grill


Going one step further than Seventh Heaven, we present to you: Le Grill. On the eighth floor of the new Rotonde at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. Soft carpets, sophisticated furnishings and tableware, and of course the view… A panoramic view over the Place du Casino, the rooftops of the Casino, old city and Port Hercules...and the blue of the Mediterranean sea. A word of advice: take a moment to compose yourself before you go out onto the terrace!


#MyMonteCarlo spot by @Rivierainternational

Grill Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo Monaco

#2 Lagoon blue: the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort pool


It’s impossible to think about the colour blue without mentioning the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Sitting practically on its own little island, sandwiched between the sea and the lagoon, the hotel’s warm orange-pink hues marry well with their blue surroundings. A real holiday vibe!

There are several viewpoints from which to admire these shimmering colour combinations:

  • the Mediterranean gardens, for a vista combining lush greenery and the peaceful lagoon,
  • the Blue Bay restaurant, which has just had an extra level added that overlooks this tropical garden,
  • or better yet, one of the rooms with a deck offering spectacular views across the lagoon and out to sea


#MyMonteCarlo spot by @Montecarlobay

Lagon Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort

#3 Azure Blue: the Olympic swimming pool at Monte-Carlo Beach


If you’re a fan of heights - or at least not troubled with vertigo - then this is the spot for you: climb right to the top of the diving board and tower over the Olympic pool at the Monte-Carlo Beach with its fired blue glass. Play around with the diving board’s lines and architecture for the best shot. 


#MyMonteCarlo spot by @Natalisnatalias

piscine Monte-Carlo Beach Monaco

#4 Dusky blue: the Monte-Carlo Beach pier at sunset


Get right to the end of the pier at the Monte-Carlo Beach Club, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. At sunset, when the sun has just disappeared beyond the horizon. Top tip: take the photo on an evening when there are a few clouds, so that you can play around with colour gradients. We've provided you with the ultimate photographic potential - now it’s down to you to capture the “blue hour”!


#MyMonteCarlo spot by @Instantanemonaco

Ponton Monte-Carlo Beach

#5 Aquamarine blue: the relaxing pool at the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo


Relaxing with your feet up next to the seawater pool is THE most shared photo from the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo! So get your swimsuit on, wrap up in your robe, book yourself in for a pedicure and come and flaunt your toes poolside! Sun lounger, check. Relaxation mode: on! #HardLife


#MyMonteCarlo spot by @Relaxluxtravel

Piscine Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

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