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A complete offer of games in a friendly atmosphere

Fun is the name of the game at the Sun Casino! With a lively atmosphere, the Sun Casino offers full range of table games and slot machines.

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Casino de Monte-Carlo

Black Jack

Beat the bank!

Black Jack or "21" is considered as one of the world's most popular gambling games played with cards. 

The aim of Black Jack, which is played against the bank, is to acquire a total value as near as possible to 21, without exceeding it. 


  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • Casino Café de Paris
  • Sun Casino
Casino Café de Paris - Table de Jeux

English Roulette

Do you feel lucky?


The roulette table has 37 numbers: from 0 to 36. You must guess the winning number. That is to say the box where the white ball will fall after spinning the wheel. You can play by putting a chip on the number that you think will be

  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • Casino Café de Paris
  • Sun Casino
Casino Café de Paris

Slot Machines

Bet on the atmosphere !


You win on a slot machine when you have the same symbols on one of the win lines.


Some slot machines also have ‘Wild’ symbols, so even more combinations!


Each slot machine will accept

  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • Casino Café de Paris
  • Monte-Carlo Bay Casino
  • Sun Casino
Casino de Monte-Carlo

Poker Texas Hold’em Ultimate

Beat the dealer!


The objective is to get a better hand than the dealer.
The final hand is a combination of your cards and the open cards on the table.


To play on the tables you need casino chips. You can get them at the cashier or from the

  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • Casino Café de Paris
  • Sun Casino
Casino de Monte-Carlo

Punto Banco

Punto or Banco ? 


The objective is to predict which hand will win: Punto, Banco or will it be a tie ?

Cards have the following values :
0 points  1 point
2-9 card value
The maximum is 9 points. All hands over 10 will be deducted with 10.
counts as 4

  • Casino de Monte-Carlo
  • Sun Casino

Electronic Blackjack


Challenge the bank and the virtual croupier as you sit comfortably at a touchscreen table. All you need is a fingertip to place bets in this exciting game! 

Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned player, or just curious, you’ll love how quick and

  • Sun Casino