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The Ultimate in Gaming Luxury for any occasion...

A historic location with a contemporary heart and soul, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is where your hopes and dreams come true. A celebration of gaming, of thrill-seeking, of knowledge and skill: all in an ambiance like nowhere else on earth. It exudes a unique kind of vibrant energy: there’s a frisson of excitement in the air. 

It embodies the gamut of gaming emotions, distilling from them all their very essence: your inner child. From gaming enthusiasts to fans of intimate locales, and of course lovers of live music come sundown, dive deeper into the many sides of the Casino de Monte-Carlo: a place for going out, making memories, and so much more... 

A crossroads of art and entertainment  

The majestic Casino de Monte-Carlo stands in the beating heart of Monaco.

Step into the Atrium and you’ll immediately be swept away by its elegance, not to mention temporary exhibitions celebrating that inner child! 

This summer, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the magical “Bleu Sel” installation by Pavillon Bosio art school graduates Eva Dmitrenko and Céline Pagès.

It will hang under the atrium’s glass roof, with waves suspended “On the Air” and pierced by rays of sunshine shimmering through the shades of blue like the breeze that ripples the surface of the ocean. The captivating experience will be accompanied by a soundtrack to spirit you away on summer holidays – and there will also be a chance to win a unique experience by taking part in our competition! 

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Discovering the legend of Monaco...  

Whether you adore historic heritage or are simply curious about your surroundings, take your time exploring the beauty of this iconic building with our daily audio guide tours. With a route taking in the Salle Médecin, Salle Europe, Salle Blanche and many more besides, you can explore the Casino de Monte-Carlo until 13:00 every afternoon. With our guided tours, you’ll find out everything there is to know about this legendary spot – and, for souvenirs exclusive to the Casino de Monte-Carlo, make sure to visit the shop before you leave!

Take your first step into the legendary world of the Casino de Monte-Carlo and immortalise the moment on social media using the #casinomontecarlo.

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A delectable interlude in Le Salon Rose

Lovers of fine food and drink can enjoy lunch or dinner at Le Salon Rose, a secluded spot mere metres from the casino’s gaming rooms and the ambiance of the Salle Europe – so Monte-Carlo! With a bistro-style menu, romantic boudoir-inspired décor and a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, you’ll find yourself immersed in the world of one famous British spy in no time... 

The chic glamour of the Casino de Monte-Carlo awaits you just through the next doorway. 

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The Ultimate in Gaming Luxury 

From 14:00 onwards, the Casino Royale awaits! 

An icon in the gaming world, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is also the perfect place to relax with a drink, listen to the dealers’ patter, and enjoy live music in thrillingly glamorous surroundings.

Let yourself be swept away by it all: the sounds of the slot machines, and the magic of the gaming tables, where a whole host of games await to suit your every whim: from Punto Banco to Blackjack, Craps, English roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold'em poker and both classic and electronic French roulette

A visit to the Salle Europe bar at the heart of the lively Salle Europe is also a must: it’s the perfect place to sample classic and signature cocktails, like the iconic Dry Martini. Don’t forget to tell us just how you like it...shaken, not stirred

Why not mix things up a bit yourself, and step out onto the terrace to enjoy some particularly special views of the legendary Place du Casino.

An all-new experience – for gamers, yes, but also for visitors who simply want to enjoy a drink in these resplendent yet relaxed surroundings! 

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