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Monaco, The Place to Feel

Published on August 20, 2019Updated on June 19, 2023

Monaco, the place to be: as true as ever. But Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer is now making this destination The Place to Feel. An exceptional place where anything is possible. Where luck is smiling on you and gives you wings. Right under the sun, emotional and sensory experiences multiply and have no limit. Here are 10 reasons!  

 #1 The Place to Feel… Rocked 

When we step foot in Monaco, we hear a little song in our heads. With a view of the peaceful, shining sea, skin caressed by the sweet French Riviera sunlight, we want just one thing: to be carried away, transported, lulled… Here, everything is an invitation to relax. So, start with indulging in a treatment at the Cinq Mondes spa, gleefully sliding into the in-room jacuzzi and diving into the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort lagoon.  

Monaco The Place to Feel

#2 The Place to Feel… Freed 

With the sea on the horizon, Monaco is a top destination for anyone who wants to let go and make personal transformation and fulfilment their trip’s focus. We have the perfect ingredients and events in a place where the sun shines brighter! At  the spa of the Monte-Carlo Beach, reconnect with yourself and the elements in just one yoga session. At Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, curl up during a magical day at Cocoon Bay. At Themes Marins Monte-Carlo, let yourself be carried away by relaxing treatments where you can try the unique cryotherapy experience… And feel as light as air.  

Monaco The Place to Feel

#3 The Place to Feel… Lively 

Life is beautiful! And Monaco celebrates this every day. By having a party in the sun or under the stars. By seeking thrills at the casino tables. By having the most fun doing supercharged water sports. One glance at the special atmosphere of Monte-Carlo Beach and its club, once summer has come, will convince you… Generations of families gather at the seaside or around a legendary pool to share their wish to slow down and go back to basics, to reinvigorate the experience of living together. Surrounded by nature.  

Monaco The Place to Feel

#4 The Place to Feel… Comforted 

And if, on the outside, life is a poem, when we open the doors to Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer establishments, the experience is prolonged. Everything was designed for the guests’ comfort and rest. The service is perfect, with countless special touches. And the staff’s discretion is unparalleled.  

Monaco The Place to Feel

#5 The Place to Feel… Daring 

Where boldness is on the menu. Delight your taste buds, indulge, enjoy and never forget the signature Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer culinary experience. Here, chefs are passionate, imaginative, inventive and daring! The proof is the fusion cuisine from Coya Monte-Carlo served in a sparkling ambiance. Or try Marcel Ravin, who continues to create and surprise, both at Blue Bay, his two Michelin-starred restaurant, or at Mada One for a chic “snackonomy” break.  

Monaco The Place to Feel

#6 The Place to Feel… Startled 

Monaco, mysterious, surprising… So much to experience! Every day, little touches invoke strong emotions. Fireworks, a birthday that sparkles, an impromptu party. A sunset you admire from the Blue Bay patio. New talents that emerge at Sporting Monte-Carlo. A jam session is just starting as you take a seat at Sinatra’ s table at Le Bar Américain. Stories, legends, meetings you wouldn’t expect.  

Monaco The Place to Feel

#7 The Place to Feel… Richer 

In Monaco, culture is everywhere! Art with a capital A. Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer discovers talents and supports artistic creation, constantly offering cultural events: Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival, Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival, Spring Arts Festival, the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, les Ballets de Monte-Carlo… to name just a few.

Monaco The Place to Feel

#8 The Place to Feel… Breathless

Unforgettable concerts, panoramas that take your breath away, strong sensations, sensational New Year’s parties… We can’t say it enough: there’s something wild about this city that reaches for the sky and stretches out to sea. And for those who seek unusual experiences, Monaco is the perfect spot. A preview? Contemplate the view from Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort rooms or the view at the 18th hole at Monte-Carlo Golf Club“Gorgeous!”   

Monaco The Place to Feel

#9 The Place to Feel… Protected 

And because loving to party, living life to the fullest and indulging also means being interested in the world that surrounds us, Monaco is increasing safe & green initiatives. In this small patch of protected land, we are evolving with the utmost safety and prioritising sustainable development. The chefs have their vegetable garden, prefer local products and use what’s in season… Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer is working with 5 beekeepers in the Nice countryside to have organic honey at breakfast. And the Mediterranean is at the heart of these initiatives. First, at the Oceanographic Museum, which is making its slogan “learn, love, protect”. In the Sea Bay space where special access to the Larvotto nature reserve lets you observe protected species with snorkelling gear. And in the dishes concocted using Mr Goodfish, a sustainable fishing guarantee.  

Monaco The Place to Feel

#10 The Place to Feel… Above it all  


You understand — nothing is ever too beautiful. That’s why Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer is constantly innovating and reinventing itself. The proof is the recent Prince Rainier and Princess Grace suites that unfurl its excellent design. Such extraordinary things to experience! Dine in the wine cellars at Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo surrounded by incredible vintages, discover exclusive soirées at Casino de Monte-Carlo

Sleep in the Rafael Nadal suite at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort after seeing him score incredible points at Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, have front row seats to see the asphalt smoke during the Monaco Grand Prix, fly to Courchevel by helicopter to tackle the slopes and come back to dine near the stars at Le Grill, wake up in the Diamond Suite Garnier… and bring home souvenirs of adrenaline, sensation and pure joy. 


Monaco The Place to Feel

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